This Week's Megahott Trending Uploads on ImageGun!!®

The preserved text of a digest email. The embedded images were lost forever in a storage orb fracture event.

This Week's Megahott Trending Uploads on ImageGun!!®
stock photo via unsplash

Welcome back, picshooters, to the hotttest digest email in the entire algorithmic social JPEG aggregation platformverse!

Before we get started, some news that is lukewarmm at best but absolutely necessary for ImageGun!!® to survive its next round of venture capital funding, and keep bringing you the megahott content you crave: Last night we deleted all uploads by users with a free account or a paid subscription at or below the Value Bandolier level.

Anyway, let's get to it!

Handpicked Upload of the Week

A Bloodthirsty Steve meme that reads "tfw you ominously promise you will kill again, but the roy rogers drivethru clerk is just like 'okay but we're still out of diet dr. pepper'"

We've all been there! Thanks for putting this common and relatable situation into words, user @andbitsofsick!


A gallery album of photos taken from an urbex trip into the Six Flags park in Montreal that was abandoned after the opening of themed rollercoaster The Abominable Speed Fast in 1998, which provoked the Seven-Day War with the sovereign yeti nation.  Particular attention is paid by the photographer to documenting the murals in the coaster's waiting area that depict common yeti stereotypes, such as being abominable and using too much ice at the Tim Horton's soda fountain.

Very problematic! Thanks for giving us this valuable perspective, user @snoconesfan96!


A skillful photoshop of the Guardians of the Galaxy, with their heads replaced with giant fruit, and the giant fruit has the faces of the creators of popular sorbet review podcast The Freezefruit Revolution.  All of them have their corresponding favorite fruit as their head, except for "Raspberry" Randy Osterman, who has a dragonfruit for a head, as a reference to extremely obscure behind the scenes gossip rumors.

I definitely recognize who any of these people are! But if you don't, you should probably ask user @ultramango_themangoening first!


An incredibly complex flowchart by esports legend FlemishFencer that purports to explain how a new player can most efficiently reach a competitive gearscore for the endgame raids in Settlers of Catan Online 2.  The previous chart, released four months prior, is obsolete as of the latest patch's revamp of the lumber infusion system.

Can't wait to try this out, I was stuck on how to get wagon blueprints of the right rarity! Big ups to the man, the legend, the @flemishfencer!


A gallery album of promotional screenshots of Halo: Insurgency, the forthcoming first-person shooter spinoff of popular Halo MOBA spinoff Halo Lane Heroes. A futuristic vision of post-sundering Des Moines features prominently, as does the enigmatic Forest of Resurrection.

Hope it runs okay on Windows SuperVista, since my motherboard doesn't support 7-II and Xbox 4s are still out of stock everywhere! Thanks, @actuallytherealofficialmicrosoft!

#2 [Sponsored]

A digital poster promoting Mountain Dew X Jolt: Ac!d Cola, an energy drink that tastes like someone ate a car battery and then died while your mouth was forced to helplessly watch. The Pepsi company reportedly paid $1 for each of the fake views to boost the count to only second place this week.

Looks delicious! Thanks so much for your support, @pepisco_verfied_real!


The infamous shock image of an anus from

Stop reuploading this!