True & Factual Crime Tales: White Hot Violence By Ice Cold Killers

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True & Factual Crime Tales: White Hot Violence By Ice Cold Killers
stock photo via unsplash

Narrator: "Right up until the moment of her grisly, horrific murder that could happen to anyone if they aren't constantly vigilant, Connie Vanderslice suspected nothing."

An elderly woman wearing a beautifully intricate handknit shawl sits on a couch, upholstered with a floral print fabric that looks, texturally, less comfortable than sandpaper that is also on fire.

Interviewer: "Tell me how you knew Connie."

Bernice Willamette - Victim's Knitting Buddy: "We attended knitting group together every Sunday afternoon. She was very kind, she told me the sweater I've been knitting looked nice. It doesn't look nice at all. It's the sort of sweater that someone good at knitting would make for you on purpose to communicate that they hate you and want you to die."

Interviewer: "Do you want the person you're knitting it for to die, and hate them?"

Bernice: "Yes, but that isn't why the sweater sucks so bad. I've just never been able to knit a good sweater."

Interviewer: "How long have you been knitting?"

Bernice: "Since 1961."

Still footage is shown of the front of a public library branch.

Narrator: "But the 'Sunday Afternoon Yarnweave Crew,' as members referred to it in Facebook group chats and threatening voicemail messages to their estranged relatives, harbored a dark secret."

A different elderly woman sits in a wooden rocking chair on a sunset-lit suburban porch.

Blanche LeBlanc - Knitting Crew Veteran: "Prudence had been doing serial murders since well before I joined the group."

Interviewer: [wearing a deeply unfortunate pattern print pantsuit] "How did you find that out?"

Blanche: "On my first night there, she just launched into this anecdote about a young man saying something untoward to her in the produce aisle at Publix, and how she immediately injected him with a paralytic agent and hung him upside down in an abandoned tenement building and drained all his blood into a rusty clawfoot bathtub. I thought this was in poor taste, and Cloris took me aside and warned me not to start an argument, because Prudence would not hesitate to murder me and dissolve my body in a chemical-treated shallow grave outside of town."

Interviewer: "Why did no one report it?"

Blanche: "We did, constantly, to a wide variety of authorities. Prudence would just kill them all when they tried to question or arrest her. She was unstoppable."

Helicopter footage depicts a smouldering crater.

Narrator: "In the end, the only thing that could stop her was the love of a grandmother for her grandchild."

Anastasia McCabe - Prudence's Daughter: "I told her I wanted her to meet her new grandson, and handed her a bundle of blankets containing a bomb."